Real-Time Interactive Simulation
and Game Engines

Unreal Engine
plus various non-commercial customized in-house engines!



The Multiplayer Group

Various Projects

PC / MPG / 2023

Jason contributed to implementation and design of  Gameplay and UI features for various projects for MPG with a focus on both internal dev-facing and external player-facing User Interface systems working alongside product feature leads, designers, artists and other engineers for AAA games that are released and live as well as projects in the very early R&D stages.

Gold Fish Casino Slots

Android, iOS, Facebook / SciPlay / 2019

Gold Fish Casino Slots is a free social slot machine game that takes entertainment to a whole new level! Enjoy over 200 of the best slots of Las Vegas and spin the authentic slot machines of Bally and WMS, including: Tropical Fish, Goldfish Race for the Gold, Gold Fish 2, Heidi Bier Haus, Lock it Link Diamonds, Eureka Reel Blast, and more.

2K Games

Unannounced AAA Project

PC, Console / 2K Games / 2019

In late 2019, Jason contributed toward building gameplay features for a game in the very early stages of development at a 2K studio set to release the next major iteration of a critically acclaimed AAA franchise.


Six Foot / 2018

Dreadnought is a free-to-play multiplayer spaceship combat game. In the game, players take control of massive capital ships and engage in tactical battles against other players across various space environments. The game features a variety of ship classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles, and allows players to customize and upgrade their ships as they progress. The game’s emphasis on tactical gameplay and strategic decision-making, combined with its impressive visuals and unique ship designs, have made it popular among fans of the space combat genre.


PC, Xbox One / Motiga (Perfect World) / 2017

Gigantic was a free-to-play, team-based third-person MOBA shooter game that featured a unique art style and gameplay. Players could select from over 22 heroes, each featuring their own comprehensive skill tree, summon powerful creatures on control points on the map, and use various elements and strategies to take down the opposing team’s guardian.

Phantom Army

Zombie Studios (SG North) / 2014

Phantom Army was a free-to-play, third-person cover shooter. It boasts a cel-shaded aesthetic with a 1980’s comic book vibe. The game featured fluid movements, cover-based combat, and randomized arena layouts.

Bella Sara

Hidden City Games / 2008

The Bella Sara website was home to all the magical horses you can collect through trading cards, as well as fun games like Bella Sara Adventures and various other minigames. 


Pirates of the Caribbean: Aegir's Fire

Nightlight Studios (Disney) / 2008

A Pirates of the Carribean-themed game that utilises the iPod click wheel to let players sail the seas and battle enemy ships, searching for the five daughters of Aegir, ruler of the sea.

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Simulation & Visualization Tools

Autonomous Vehicle Simulator

PC / Undisclosed Client / 2020
The autonomous vehicle simulator developed by the client generated scenes, maps, and scenarios comprised of light-duty ground automotive vehicles such as sedans, trucks, vans, and SUVs. The simulator also generated virtual sensor data from Radar, LiDAR, Camera, and IMU components. 

UAV Swarm Virtual Environment Tool

PC / Boeing (Silicon Valley University) / 2011

ESAL, which was part of Silicon Valley University developed a Real-Time Virtual Environment tool for UAV Swarm Simulation that includes features such as Fog of War, Trajectory System, Command and Control of UAVs, Camera System, and other miscellaneous Environment Configuration. 

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